SmallHD 7″ DP7-PRO OLED Monitor

The SmallHD DP7-Pro LCD offers highly flexible 3D LUT support and an extensive set of monitoring tools, including scopes, and is designed with a multi hot key interface that allows for an efficient workflow. It features a 7″ IPS LCD display with a 1280 x 800 HD resolution, 8-bit color depth, and 800:1 contrast ratio. Connections include HD-SDI and HDMI input and output, as well as a Hirose input that supports an optional SmallHD Component/Composite breakout cable. The monitor is super-tough, made with a reinforced milled aluminum housing capable of withstanding the pressure of a 4×4 truck running over it, yet it weighs only 1.2 lb.

The DP7-Pro LCD comes loaded with many preset LUTs and is capable of detecting and displaying nearly every type of LUT you upload. The LUTs upload via simple SD card transfer and can be organized into custom folders. The ability to monitor an image with a LUT applied lets you see what the image will look like when the LUT is permanently applied in post production, lets you analyze whether you’re satisfied with the look and whether any lighting adjustments need to be made on set, and also allows you to show the look to a client or director on set for review.

The hot key interface consists of 24 hot keys that instantly appear on the screen when you run your hand over proximity sensors located near the front panel buttons. The hot keys are separated eight per desktop page, across three pages, and are controlled by the front panel buttons, of which there are also eight, each corresponding to a hot key. The hot keys are assignable with functions such as toggling LUTs on and off. The monitor also has a scroll wheel on each top corner that both navigates through all the features and hot keys as well as pushes-in to make selections, useful in case you attach a sunshade that blocks access to front panel buttons. The user interface is lockable via a physical switch to prevent interferences during production.

The SDI and HDMI inputs are simultaneously active, so you can toggle between two live signals. The input signal is also automatically converted within the monitor, so you can output it via either of the outputs.

The DP7-Pro LCD ships with a 1GB SD card for uploading LUTs, a power supply, and microfiber cloth. It supports V-Mount, Gold-Mount, and DV batteries via optional battery plate/bracket combinations. (To attach a battery, you’ll need a DP7 Battery Adapter Plate and the battery bracket particular to the battery of your choice. The battery attaches to the battery bracket.)

Key Features
  • 7″ IPS LCD
  • 1280 x 800 HD resolution
  • 8-bit color depth
  • 800:1 contrast ratio
  • HD-SDI and HDMI input and output (with signal conversion)
  • Hirose input supporting an optional analog breakout cable
  • Highly flexible 3D LUT support
  • Loaded with many preset LUTs
  • Efficient 24 hot key user interface, controlled via front panel buttons
  • HDMI signal is displayed instantaneously when plugged in
  • Super-tough reinforced milled aluminum housing
  • All ports and connections are recessed for safety
Monitoring Tools
  • Waveform (PIP, Full Screen)
  • Vectorscope (PIP, Full Screen)
  • YCbCr Parade
  • RGB Parade (Full Screen)
  • Histogram (PIP, Full Screen)
  • Focus Assist (Intensity Adjustment, Highlight Color Select, Color/B&W Background)
  • Peaking
  • Pixel Zoom
  • Zebra 1 & 2 (2x user selectable ranges)
  • False Color (industry-standard scales + on-screen guide)
  • LUTs/3D Looks
  • User Loadable LUTs
  • Anamorphic
  • Image Capture
  • Image Overlay
  • Image Flip
  • Aspect
  • Custom
  • Safe
  • Crosshatch
  • Crosshair
  • Battery Meter
  • Horizon Indicator
  • Color Space
  • Bright/Contrast/Hue/Saturation
  • Color Balance
  • Blue Only
  • Color Bars
  • Monochrome



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