ARRI Alexa Mini Camera Body

As if being the industry standard wasn’t enough, the Arri Alexa Mini takes the look and feel from the classic Alexa, but shrinks it down to be more portable. The Mini’s small-lightweight carbon fiber body not only makes the camera look absolutely stunning, but also makes it extremely versatile. Letting you throw it on a drone or stabilizer that the classic wouldn’t fit on is just the beginning of the new changes Arri has introduced.

Arri gives you the ability to fully customize your camera with anything you need for your production. Think of the future where we are controlling out cameras with our phones. Thanks to the Alexa Mini, this becomes possible. This camera has a lot of technology built into it, for example, it lets you control: follow focus, settings, etc…, wirelessly. With built in ND filters, you won’t necessarily need matte boxes anymore, helping you carry less on your productions.

The Arri Alexa Mini is a beautiful, cost-effective camera to shoot any sized production. Packed with technology, the Alexa Mini has the ability to be just a body with a lens or become as complicated as a full production camera with wireless monitors and motors attached. This is our go to camera when shooting any project, as it gives a portable, crisp, and clear 4k image.



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